Mechatronic/Electrical Engineer Consultant

About Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck was founded in 2014 by engineers Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan and is now one of Australia’s fastest growing startups - and that’s particularly unique because we design our own concept products entirely in house.

Ground-breaking, engineer led, in-house product design. Real sleep science. Transparency. Honesty. Value. And a commitment to passionate, exemplary customer connection, service and support. We are a multi award winning product company that is reinventing the way Australian’s improve their sleep quality through better and more accessible high quality bedroom products.

Our team is exceptionally driven. We are led closely by our very experienced founders and foster a strong inclusive culture. We are unified in our vision for reinventing the sleep product space to make better sleep accessible for everyone, no matter who you are. It is an exciting place to work because everyone at Sleeping Duck wants to do exceptional things.

We do almost everything in house which gives us a rare sense of unity of purpose in our vision to make better products and experiences for our customers. Our 60+ person team is very passionate, and includes Product Development, Story and Marketing, Supply Chain, Customer Experience and Technology.

We are growing rapidly with significant expansion plans taking place over the next two years – making it a very exciting time to join the team and be part of this journey.

Product @ Sleeping Duck

Improving the sleep experience through product innovation is what has distinguished Sleeping Duck from other bedding companies. It all started with the award-winning next-gen mattress that allows you to perfect the comfort of the mattress no matter your body type or sleep position.

Fast forward to 2023, and we’ve launched our newest game-changer, the SD Indestruct Bed. It is a bed that will give the perfect support to any mattress while also allowing it to take on any aesthetic look.

The Sleeping Duck ethos applies here; quality over quantity. We’re innovating, designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture at a high volume, not just sticking a label on someone else’s work. Our goal is to continue to take the average sleep product and put the Sleeping Duck spin on it

The Role

We are building out the future of sleep and are in the early phase of researching smart products for the bedroom and how they might integrate with our products.

This role will focus on developing and prototyping new concepts for sleep technology, ensuring our continued growth and edge in the sleep market. In the role you will assist with the physical creation, testing and tinkering of sleep tech prototypes in collaboration and direction from the product team.

Electrical or Mechatronics Engineers with 5 or more years industry experience would be ideal to hit the ground running. Experience with electrical systems design, actuators, sensors, lighting (IoT devices) is a must.

This role is for consultancy based work. Freelancers please apply!

The kind of people we’re keen to meet

  • A dreamer, someone who is creative and can think outside the mattress box
  • Can work independently with a brief and come back to us presenting solutions
  • Comfortable in the face of ambiguity and change of directions
  • Able to assess and problem solve prototypes and convert for manufacturing
  • Experience with CAD Modelling software (ie Solidworks, Fusion 360) and producing product design documentation for manufacturing
  • Experience with integrating electrical components into consumer products
  • A big plus is to have existing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in the electrical component industry

If you are interested, please submit your resume.